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How can we help you?

Your Custom-Made Test
Preparation Program

Here at Tutor Owls, we understand that no child learns in the same way and at the same rate that the other does. We take different approaches to ensure that no one is left behind. Our test-prep programs are tailored specifically to match the needs of each student.


Here is a list of Test-Preps we specialize in:


  • SEA

  • CSEC

  • Final Exams and/or End-of-Term Tests


Learn by doing
Homework Help

Whether your child needs homework help regularly or temporarily for a school project, we're always there to lend an extra hand!



We know how demanding the hustle and bustle of today's society can be and that rings true the most for the average working parent. Quite often too, children tend to be more receptive to someone outside of their norm i.e. not their parents and this is where we come in. 



Our tutors are on-call to cater to those children who need support and are versed in an array of subjects. We are efficient, organized and most importantly, fun!


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