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Alternative Academia


We offer you the best of both worlds. We want our students to WANT to learn so we pride ourselves on veering away from the pressurized routines of standard schooling and instead creating an easy-going environment where students are comfortable and open-minded. 


Sometimes, it can be difficult for some students to open up but we are dedicated to working tirelessly to help them achieve their goals.


Although, naturally, we do abide by the curriculum put forward by the Ministry of Education, we formulate a specific syllabus to complement and maximize each student's ability. 


The limit of a 6:1 student to tutor ratio is implemented, coupled with shorter hours and less condensed lesson plans. This greatly allows each child to get the individual attention they deserve!


Don't waste anymore time. Book an appointment and come to see our tutoring center today!


  • For a broader overview on homeschooling, click to visit our blog.

  • For information on the registration process, click to see our FAQ's.




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