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Yes, we do! The comprehensive service of homeschooling varies depending on the age and academic level of the student and how demanding the hours need to be. To find out some more, send us an email regarding your concerns and we will place you with a great tutor accordingly. 

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Do you offer homeschooling? 

At Tutor Owls, we are fervent about accomodating your needs. Through any of our channels of communication posted on this website, simply let us know what times you are available, which subjects you are interested in having tutored, how often and whether you'd like to be tutored in the privacy and convenience of your HOME, at our TUTORING CENTER or VIRTUALLY. We'll take it from there. See the typical process for registration below. 

Step 1: Review the relevant Program's Overview sent via Email
Step 2: Meet and Greet and/or Site Visit
Step 3: Demo and/or Light Assessment

Step 4: Complete and Submit our Registration Packet
Step 5: The Adventure BEGINS!

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How do I get started?

Our tutors are proficient in a variety of subjects both at primary and secondary school level. We also offer comprehensive lessons and revision for test prep and homework supervision. Click over to the relevant tabs on the menu bar for more details and a complete listing. 

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What can I get help with?
How do I become a Tutor Owl?

We are always looking for dedicated professionals to expand our team. If tutoring is one of your passions and you have substantial experience in the field, contact us via this site or send us an email with your objective and qualifications and you may be well on your way to joining our community and becoming a Tutor Owl!

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A session typically ranges between one to two hours - no more, no less. Additionally, the shortest program that can be tutored is a Crash Course which is for no less than one week.  If you feel as though your decision to get a tutor is still tentative, don't worry, we'll give you time to test the waters because your first session is always FREE!

What's the minimum time to work with a tutor?

If you are interested in having two of your children tutored on the same schedule, that is absolutely feasible. Our tutors are well-experienced and accustomed to working with varying groups of students, even if they are at different learning levels. Ask about the bundles and package deals we offer for simultaneous students!

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Can two students be tutored at the same time?
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